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Young Adults

This is one of the developmental life stages that can be turbulent, confusing, ridden with self doubts and unknown territories. Stress about finding an internship and uncertainty about future career ; a lack of motivation for classes; ​social anxiety; conflicts with friends, teachers, and family; feeling of loneliness and isolation; experiencing romantic break-ups; the list goes on.


Being a young adult navigating in this world is not easy. I am glad that you are looking for professional help. Seeking for help and resources is a courageous act and a strength! I am here to listen, support and guide you. Together we make your experiences a part of a growth oriented and even transformative journey.


 How can therapy help?

In therapy, we will discuss your current concerns and explore the roots of your emotions and behaviors. We will look at how your belief system has been shaped and the impacts it has on your behavior patterns and current relationships. You will increase self awareness and gain insights.

In addition, you will learn concrete and practical skills to help you manage emotions, improve self esteem, set up boundaries, navigate conflicts and recover from unhealthy relationships.

I am here to provide a space that makes you feel seen, heard, understood. My goal is to help you become more comfortable with your true self and feel confident in making positive changes.

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