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Anxiety and Depression

These two often times go hand in hand. Young adults are especially prone to experiencing anxiety and depression symptoms. However, the symptoms of anxiety and depression can look very different depending on the person. I am here to learn about you specific contexts and provide individualized help.

How can therapy help?

First of all, anxiety and depression are two most common mental health conditions in the modern society. You might have experienced them since you were young or they might be new to you. Whatever the case is, you are definitely not alone. 

Together in therapy, we will explore what anxiety and/or depression look like for you. We will learn to understand and identify potential triggers, how it makes you feel in your body, and how to process thoughts and feelings in more effective ways. We will work towards you being more comfortable with yourself, relaxing in your body and strengthening the connections between your mind and your body. 

We will also learn practical skills you can use to cope anxiety and depression better, to apply strategies that are healthier to improve daily functioning, so that you can move towards living the life you want for yourself.

I am here to assist you find a path towards meaningful changes and desirable results, and help you feel more relaxed, calm and peaceful.

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