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Healing trauma is a highly vulnerable, personal, individualized, and even sacred process. I am here to provide you a safe and supportive space to help you name and process these traumatic life experiences. 

I specialize in the following types of trauma:
  • Racial trauma (traumatization related to experiences of racism)
  • Developmental and complex trauma (traumatization related to chronic neglect, abuse or other harsh adversity at homes when growing up)
  • Single event trauma (traumatization related to a singular natural disaster or man made event)

How can therapy help?

I use phase oriented treatment specifically for trauma. The focus of the first phase is to help you feel safe. I use various approaches and grounding exercises to provide a calm and safe space. I also strive to build a therapeutic relationship with you that is trusting, supportive and open. The main goal is to increase safety and decrease distressing trauma symptoms.

Building on the foundation of the first phase, the next phase is to process trauma memories and its impact on you and further help you to assess your trauma in a different way.

The last phase is to help you find agency. I assist you to feel empowered and develop skills and strategies to handle potentially harmful situations, such as a racially charged encounter or a toxic relationship. Knowing that you have resources, support, and tools gained from therapy, you will be able to restore a healthy life.

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