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Asians and Asian Americans

Growing up in an Asian culture, I have first hand experiences of living as an Asian in a western society. A lot of nuances are involved when navigating between multiple belief systems, cultures, languages and ways of living.

Some of the common issues range from microaggression, discriminations, racism, invalidated and misunderstood by others; pressured to conform to cultural norms; struggles to meet the expectations or win approvals from family; difficulties to communicate with family members due to gaps in cultural beliefs.


How can therapy help?

I provide culturally sensitive approach tailoring to your specific needs. Together in therapy, we will address issues related to discriminations, microaggressions, and racial encounters. I provide a space for you to feel seen, heard and understood. I also serve as an advocate to help you better navigate racially charged situations in the future. 

We will also discuss culturally specific dilemmas, such as independence versus interdependence, autonomy versus conformity. These dilemmas might play a role in your relationships with family. You might not be allowed to be yourself when growing up, not able to express what you want, and feel the pressure to always put others' need in front of you out of guilt, shame or fear. I will help you learn effective communication skills related to your culture so that you can make the best decisions for yourself and still keep strong relationships with family and loved ones. 

If you are looking for someone who can understand your cultural experiences living as an Asian or Asian American, I am here to listen, relate and help. ​​​

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